Some boxing skills which seem fairly basic are often overlooked — we need to be sure include them in our training sessions — and perfect them. We all need to resist going through the motions when boxing training. A training session should always be a challenge and a learning process. In total — 20 boxing training tips in 4-minutes. This way if your opponent throws any punches you will see them coming. It also means you can spot gaps to throw your own counter punches 3 — Opening up the body — Forcing your opponent to bring their guard up can create an opening for a hard body hook. Try getting in close and throwing some light tapping hooks to the side of their head, this should make them raise their guard — giving you the opportunity to strike to their body. Make them respect the jab by vary the speed and power.

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Soto Karass turns back the clock, defeats Macias By David Robinett at ringside In a stunning upset in the main event at Fantasy Springs Casino Resort in Indio, California, old warhorse Jesus Soto Karass , 18 KOs earned his first win since , outlasting the younger, previously undefeated Neeco Macias , 10 KOs in a ten-round super welterweight bout by majority decision, , , As he always has, Soto Karass was more than happy to oblige, returning fire with his back to the corner or ropes for the entire fight.

Although it was fun and dramatic, it was not a total free for all, as both fighters kept their punches short and took as much time slipping and avoiding punches as throwing them early on. Soto Karass appeared to have the edge throwing the heavier punches though, as well as showing the greater ring discipline by occasionally stepping back or to the side to create more space for his punches.

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Comprehension Quiz Boxing Vocabulary This page covers the vocabulary and language of boxing by looking at its background, equipment and people. Check your understanding with the vocabulary quiz and comprehension quiz. Fighting with the fists seems to come naturally to human beings. Whether kids are playfully fighting for fun, or adults are fighting in anger, many will protect themselves by holding their fists in front of the face, and attack by punching with their fists.

The same actions form the basis of boxing. For thousands of years, men and boys, and sometimes girls and women, have fought in boxing matches, sometimes with gloves and protective gear, and sometimes with bare fists and little or no protection. Boxing has always been a controversial sport, loved by some and hated by others. Its fans see it as the most exciting and challenging of sports, a true test of a person’s physical strength, mental alertness and courage.

But those who dislike boxing see it as a brutal and dangerous activity, and some even believe it should be banned. History Carvings and paintings show people fighting with their fists over 5, years ago in ancient Sumeria and over 3, years ago in ancient Egypt. We don’t know if these fights were a regulated sport like boxing, or a form of violent entertainment like gladiator fighting in ancient Rome. But by the time of the ancient Greeks, boxing had become a sport and it was part of the Olympic Games as early as B.

It then became popular in other parts of Europe, but in A.

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However, it is a fun game for RICH people. You have to spend real money in this game to get stronger. Without good gear, you just gonna get hits KO by an opponent.

A hook is a punch in boxing. It is performed by turning the core muscles and back, thereby swinging the arm, which is bent at an angle near or at 90 degrees, in a horizontal arc into the opponent. [1] [2] A hook is usually aimed at the jaw, but it can also be used for body shots, especially to the : Striking.

Flores Avalos gets win but Flores looks unlucky. In an exciting scrap both were looking to dominate the exchanges providing plenty of action. Flores looked to be getting on top when he put Avalos down with a series of punches in the third. In the fourth Flores suffered a cut over his left eye. The referee ruled it was caused by a punch. Avalos came on strong in the fifth.

They were still going toe-to-toe with Avalos forcing Flores back. The cut worsened and by the end of the round it was too bad for Flores to continue and his corner pulled him out. He lost to Carl Frampton in a challenge for the IBF title in and his career looked in trouble when he suffered consecutive losses to Oscar Valdez and Filipino Mark Magsayo so a very necessary and welcome win.

Flores was in front on all three cards and claimed that the cut was caused in a clash of heads but the decision means that after 21 wins in a row Flores has now lost back-to-back fights.

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When a baseball pitcher gives up six runs in two-thirds of an inning and gets the hook, he gets a chance to erase the memory five days later. The very best fighters keep those off nights to a minimum. Consistency is key when pursuing boxing immortality.

Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing is a member of the Canadian Amateur Sport Kickboxing, the governing body for the sport in Canada. That brings with it a lot of bonuses not available to members of not accredited clubs (notably access to insurance while training or sparring).5/5(7).

I recently got a question from Joe in Atlanta: Boxing out of Atlanta. The trainers at my gym are pretty aligned that unless you are a vicious inside fighter there is no good reason for a righty to throw a right hook. Thanks Joe As I have not addressed the steamy controversy surrounding right hooks on the site yet other than to include it in the training I figured now is as good a time as any to get into the debate.

For some reason the right hook is a punch that divides trainers with some in support of it and some that will vehemently deny its existence. I believe the latter is because a right hook can, and in less experienced boxers usually does, turn into a looping haymaker which isn’t much of a punch at all as shown in this video: How NOT to throw Left and Right Hooks As I have not addressed the steamy controversy surrounding right hooks on the site yet other than to include it in the training I figured now is as good a time as any to get into the debate.

I’m on the side of the fence that says there is such a thing as a right hook and there is a use for it and I base my use of it on teachings by old school trainers. The right hook is primarily a counter blow but is useful when going into or coming out of a clinch. Joe’s trainers are correct in stating that it has limited application unless you’re a vicious infighter. In close, it is a valuable infighting aid and naturally follows all other curved arm blows. At distance it is very difficult to use and is a relatively slow blow.

The defender will usually have time to a1djust defenses unless you use it as a counter. You really should not get hit by many right hooks unless you are in close exchanging blows.

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Before you can become the next Muhammad Ali, you need to master the basics. In the case of boxing punches, for example, it is important to learn the technique for each punch before you can execute them safely and effectively in the ring. The power behind each punch comes from practice and repetition. Here are the four fundamental boxing punches that CoachUp believes every boxer needs to know.

Jab The jab is a quick, basic punch used to set up other shots, most often your power punches.

Schedule All classes at the Toronto location take place at Bridgeland Avenue, Toronto Ontario M6A 1Z4. If you would like to attend please call () to make an appointment.

In order to finish the choke, the attacker will sometimes vine their opponent’s legs or utilize a body triangle to reduce the chance of losing position. Non-title bouts consist of three rounds and title fights consist of five rounds. Sambo tournaments incorporate both grappling and striking. Striking is combined with throws until a competitor hits the ground.

The sport also incorporates a raised platform and points are awarded for taking an opponent out of the competition area. There are many variations of this particular technique. The created momentum drives the attacker’s body forward and into the air, which helps cover distance quickly. The aggressor uses the bodylock to lift their opponent up and over in a back arching motion so that the opponent lands on their shoulder blade area.

The other hand can then also attack the other side of the opponent’s neck, locking the hands, controlling movement and delivering knee strikes. Double underhooks enable greater control and will also set up a throw. Obtaining an underhook while on the bottom of a grounded position allows a fighter to rise to their feet with more ease. It is especially useful against an opponent who leans in or someone significantly shorter.

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Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing. likes. Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing trains both competitive athletes and recreational practitioners in the arts of Muay Thai.

As a boxer, you may be constantly trying to nail an opponent with a right cross at long range, but somehow your opponent manages to block just at the right time, or slip or duck the shot almost by accident. So what do you do? One of the first options you should think of is using the long range right hook. Now, the untrained eye may struggle to identify the difference between a long range right hook and a straight right cross.

True, the differences are subtle, but they should be easily identifiable to someone who knows what they are looking for. Watch the video, then read on. In short, the right hook at long range is a subtle shot that is understood and used by expert boxers. From the boxing stance the initiating action is a push from the back foot.

This drive from the back foot generates the power to rotate the hips in a counter clockwise direction. As with the right cross , there is a significant rotation of the hips.


It can be thrown by using your rear hand but the term usually refers to the lead hook, which will be the primary focus in this article. If you want to learn all the fundamentals of boxing, then I highly recommend the How to Box in 10 Days course, which takes you through boxing basics step-by-step. Keep Your Guard Up 1: Remember just like with every punch you throw, keep your rear hand up guarding your chin with your elbow tucked in to protect your body.

Bend Your Arm at a 90 Degrees Angle 2:

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I’d become sedentary — likely to blow off my workout in favor of a blow-out. I had to get my butt moving. So when a new gym called LA Boxing opened in my neighborhood, promising classes that would burn a boatload of calories, I impulsively signed up. I’d never so much as watched boxing on TV, much less thrown a punch, but, hey, how hard could it be? I got my first clue when I walked into class on day one, past the sparring ring and the caged mixed-martial-arts area, where grapplers go at it.

The room was wall-to-wall men, not another woman in sight. Swallowing hard, I sandwiched myself between the guys — amid a sea of punching bags — and gloved up.

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Two-time world title challenger at super-featherweight Paul Smith: Three-time world title challenger at super-middleweight All four Smith brothers – including former British champions Paul and Stephen – embraced in the ring after the fight. Callum, the youngest of the four, entered the inaugural World Boxing Super Series to give himself a chance of winning a world title, as the more traditional routes had proven fruitless.

And he remained poised during the biggest test of his career. As the taller fighter, he maintained enough distance to force Groves into committing forward but struck the right balance in being close enough to pick off attacks from his opponent with well-timed right hands. Despite appearing to hurt Groves in the third round, when the Londoner’s legs buckled after a right hand, Smith was only ahead on one of the four cards when the stoppage came, with his opposite number up on two and a fourth judge marking the fight level.

Sep 11, Ronaldo Dixon A arrival to the world of professional writing, Ronaldo Dixon, an athlete since a young age, helped to form, train and maintain a nationally ranked WVU Club boxing team. Dixon holds a Bachelor of the Arts in business administration, communications and sociology from West Virginia University. An Everlast Punching Bag can be installed in your home in a short time.

Training at home can help you hone your craft. If you have a couple basic tools an Everlast Punching bag can be permanently installed in a short time. Properly installing your punching bag is extremely important as improper installation can lead to structural damage to your home or possibly even bodily injury.

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Oleksandr Usyk has one last job to finish off at cruiserweight level before making the likely step up to heavyweight. The Ukrainian fighter makes the first defense of his four cruiserweight titles when he takes on Tony Bellew in Manchester on Saturday, Nov. The Ukrainian fighter just has one last job to finish off at cruiserweight level. Usyk makes the first defense of his four cruiserweight titles when he takes on Tony Bellew in Manchester on Saturday.

Can you type with boxing gloves on? If you tried, the effect might be similar to that of a baby playing with a keyboard, or a cat walking on a keyboard. It is really hard but it can be done. It will take 10 times longer, but if you find yourself superglued to some box…ing gloves and need to type something urgently such as to someone to find out how you can get the gloves off then it is possible.

MORE What is the weight of a boxing glove? Sparring gloves may range from 14 oz to 20 oz, while bag gloves, amateur and professional fight gloves range from 8 to 10 ounces. How do you change a kitchen towel into one that hooks or loops onto a hook or towel bar? Instead of buying kithen towels, buy golf towels.

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