John Bowne House, ca. My lecture was a little bit of a departure from the traditional Furniture Forum talk. Today, Flushing is one of the most culturally and religiously diverse neighborhoods in the world. The Bowne House is a rare survival of a time when the Dutch language was prevalent, payments in Indian corn were commonplace, and religious diversity meant Quakerism. By he was permanently settled in Flushing and married to Hannah Feake, the niece of John Winthrop. The exact date of construction of the Bowne House is unknown, but it is thought to be sometime soon after their marriage. The structure is renowned for events that unfolded there. An enthusiastic convert to Quakerism, John Bowne defied a ban placed on the religion by Peter Stuyvesant by regularly holding meetings there.

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Thursday, December 15, The issue there — which came up in a recent New York Post story about an alleged brothel in Brooklyn — is still a problem despite the efforts made by nonprofit groups, the NYPD and others trying to stop it. Tony Avella D-Bayside said that the issue can be solved by increased enforcement. Three of them received vacate orders. On websites such as Postfastr, advertisements for sexually tinged massage in Flushing are not hard to find. Assemblyman Ron Kim D-Flushing says that a nuanced approach needs to be taken when it comes to attacking the issue.

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Woodhaven Boulevard seems a bit too far west, and Lefferts Boulevard is too far east. The Long Island Rail Road, orginally pulled by horses, then steam engines, arrived in and ran down Atlantic Avenue for over years until it was finally electrified then enclosed in a tunnel. Woodhaven became a manufacturing center in the s a former place name is Shoe and Leather Street. They took up the slack if the Yanks, Giants or Dodgers were out of town and you wanted to get a baseball fix.

The Bushwicks, of course, neither played in Bushwick nor in Brooklyn. Their home was just over the borough line from Franklin K. Rosner founded the Bushwicks in and moved to Dexter Park in , and it soon expanded to a 15, seat park with a steel and concrete grandstand. After a few desultory years as a stock car venue, Dexter Park was razed in , with two-family homes now occupying the site.

His son Donald, of course, needs no introduction.

FLUSHING AVENUE, Brooklyn-Queens

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We are just a few steps away from Shea Stadium, Flushing Meadow Park, the New York Hall of Science, and the Queens Museum of Art. Our location makes us a great alternative to the pricier hotels in Manhattan, being just 20 minutes away from the City. Singles, Doubles and rooms with jacuzzis.

First settlements occurred in followed by early colonizations at Maspeth in , [11] and Vlissingen now Flushing in The Flushing Remonstrance signed by colonists in is considered a precursor to the United States Constitution ‘s provision on freedom of religion in the Bill of Rights. The signers protested the Dutch colonial authorities’ persecution of Quakers in what is today the borough of Queens. Originally, Queens County included the adjacent area now comprising Nassau County. It was an original county of New York State, one of twelve created on November 1, Queens, like the rest of what became New York City and Long Island, remained under British occupation after the Battle of Long Island in and was occupied throughout most of the rest of the Revolutionary War.

Under the Quartering Act , British soldiers used, as barracks , the public inns and uninhabited buildings belonging to Queens residents. Even though many local people were against unannounced quartering, sentiment throughout the county remained in favor of the British crown.

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Click here to view our first report about Sunnyside Yard. In Part I of this report series about Mayor de Blasio’s proposed development of Sunnyside Yards , we saw how Queens evolved from the rolling woods and farmlands of the early 19th century, into an industrial and manufacturing center along the East River waterfront in the second half of that century. In Queens became a part of New York City and the dawn of the 20th century had begun.

The Steinway Tunnel, which was named in his honor and which it carries to this day, is now the underground tunnel for the 7 subway line between Flushing Main Street in Queens, and Times Square in Manhattan. I shot the photo to right at a LaGuardia Community College exhibit in LIC which shows a newspaper account of a test run of a trolley through the line, three years after the completion of the Steinway Tunnel between Manhattan and Queens in The photo at right shows a real estate development in Jackson Heights built for the upwardly mobile growing middle class.

We ended Part I talking about Public Housing that ultimately became low income housing, and which had systemic problems attributed to the civil rights struggle of the mid 20th century, and which was followed by social upheaval accompanied by narcotics. While remnants of the past remain with us, the most egregious aspects of these historical issues have been ameliorated. There’s been plenty of talk about the proposed real estate development of Sunnyside Yard since Mayor de Blasio first announced it as one of the top real estate development sites that could be used to mitigate New York City’s current affordable housing crisis.

I’ve been taking an informal poll about the proposed development, and generally have heard people voice their opposition to it, even though the proposal is still in the early stages. To be sure, there are plenty of issues associated with the real estate development which one could easily construe to be negative [like the population density impact on infrastructure], but there are also opportunities associated with it, which one could see in a positive light [like tying funding for more transit to address the stress already on the 7 subway line].

This is our first report in a series. The statue was erected as part of the Greek Independence celebration festivities in Astoria last weekend. But for some it was a day to bear witness to the completion of a thirty-one year community effort to complete the vision of the park as first set forth by former Athens Square Park Dennis Syntilas over three decades ago.


Types of Shelters and Services we provide We provide many categories of shelter for those in need and in need of services. Day Shelters supplement homeless and low-income people when the shelter their staying in only offers shelter on an overnight basis. Case management is often provided and sometimes there are laundry and shower facilities.

The Queens Zoo is nestled on acres in Flushing Meadows Park. The Queens Zoo is a picturesque romantic location, ideal for your nuptials. Home to animals native to .

In the colonial era, marshy land and creeks cut Flushing off from traffic from the west, and as there were few good roads into Flushing, carts and coaches had to first go to Jamaica and travel north from there. By about , tolls were being charged and the road was known as the Brooklyn and Newtown Turnpike. A long wooden pole, or pike, was placed across the road; this pike was turned, or moved out of the way, when the toll was collected.

Beyond Bushwick Avenue the road ran in a sinuous, circuitous fashion to avoid hills. In , the hills were leveled, the road was straightened and, by , the road had its present form and length it has today, extending out to the junction at Grand Street later Avenue and Maspeth Avenue. To muddy the water even further, an even older road extended southwest from what would be the Brooklyn and Newtown Turnpike at what would be Broadway in the colonial era, joining a highway known as Cripplebush Road, which ran approximately in a north-south route where Bedford Avenue is today.

Queens has blurred its conection to the rest of Long Island by renaming its old roads, but Flushing Avenue survives as a historic throwback. The Navy Yard is thriving in its new role. They are supposed to be demolished to make way for a supermarket, but as of , that has been talked about for 10 years. It follows a generally straight line east to west till it gets to Broadway, and then begins a slight but definite trend to the northeast, which gets more pronounced until it flows into Grand Avenue.

When you are in St. Broadway, meanwhile, keeps a seemingly self-important air as it marches from Bowling Green all the way to Riverdale and beyond. This is the land of warehouses, factories, auto collision repair joints, junkyard dogs and tractor trailers short-cutting their way to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. It was originally built to house sailors stationed at the Navy Yard; the jailbirds, bars and barbed wire were added later when the sailors left.

The 10 best NYC neighborhoods for college grads in 2016

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The “negro plot” in New York had been discovered and many slaves executed; and in Kings and Queens counties a number of arrests were made, but no sufficient cause was found to imperil the colored people or their masters in Flushing.

THE first half of the seventeenth century was crowded with incidents and events of the gravest importance to the history of the world at large; and in no quarter of the globe was this more noticeably the case than on the Western hemisphere. The previous century had given an impetus to the spirit of adventure, and to commercial enterprises, that even the disasters attending the Spanish colonies or the almost ceaseless warfare in Europe had failed to check; and there had sprung up in the hearts of thousands, proscribed and exiled for their religious views, the hope that on the shores of America was to be found a haven of spiritual peace and freedom from persecution.

The writer is inclined to differ from many American historians as to the influence of certain events on the national character, and to believe that to the Dutch settlements under the Prince of Orange is due an equal if not a greater effect on the character of our institutions than can be traced to any contemporaneous colony. That these first settlers were Englishmen does not invalidate our claims as regards the Dutch, as they were English refugees, who came from their temporary residence in Holland, to which they had been driven because of their creed, belonging as they did to the community of Friends or Quakers.

The best attainable data place the first settlement on Flushing Bay at about , and in the next seven years the number of settlers had increased by additions of Friends from Holland, and several who were accredited as coming from the Massachusetts colony, and who were driven here by the practical operation of the strange interpretation placed on their boasted motto “Freedom to worship God,” by the proprietors of that colony. The oldest official document throwing light on the first settlement of this place- Vlissingen, as it was then called, after a village in Holland in which the English refugees had lived, and of which name Flushing is a corruption- is dated in , and is a charter for a town, granted by Governor Kieft and found embodied in a confirmation granted by the State of New York in In view of these facts Governor Dongan issued the following: The Indians mentioned in the above instrument were the chiefs of the Matinecock tribe, once very numerous and whose principal settlements within the town limits were at Little Neck and Bayside, at which places they “dried” oysters and clams for winter use, and engaged in the manufacture of wampum of a very superior quality, which was the circulating medium of the locality for many years.

Flushing News

Scout January 28, Comments Last week, I was scouting on Jamaica Ave when I noticed a movie-theater-turned-church up the block. This is pretty common in New York, where are a LOT of once great theaters have been gutted and repurposed, most often into churches, pharmacies and gyms. But something immediately stuck out about the Tabernacle of Prayer church.

What a gloriously stunning facade:

Download this stock image: FLUSHING NY- SEPTEMBER Ebon Moss-Bacharach, at the Mens Singles Finals Day fifteen of the US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 8, in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City People: Ebon Moss-Bacharach – KPH7WB from Alamy’s library of millions of high resolution stock photos, .

The most famous skyline in the world now belies a city gripped by fear and suspicion. In the shadow of an uncertain economy and the threat of terrorism, organized criminals, corrupt officials, and beleaguered security forces vie for supremacy in a city that is desperately trying to become a suburb. It is still a place where anything is possible, depending on how much of yourself you are prepared to sacrifice in the process. Liberty City Stories , which came out in , and respectively.

The city has more detail and personality, with many places which are based on landmarks such as the Statue of Happiness , Star Junction , and the Rotterdam Tower. The only borough not to be recreated in the game is Staten Island. Although in the game, Liberty City appears to be an isolated set of islands, the rest of America is actually nearby. Rockstar Games stated that they avoided placing unreachable pieces of land in the distance to retain the city’s “complete” feel. However, a small number of different locations are accessible in the different episodes.

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In Mandarin , Flushing is known as “Falasheng” Chinese: Main Street and the area to its west, particularly along Roosevelt Avenue, have become the primary nexus of Flushing’s Chinatown. However, Chinatown continues to expand southeastward along Kissena Boulevard and northward beyond Northern Boulevard. In the s, a Chinese community established a foothold in the neighborhood of Flushing, whose demographic constituency had been predominantly non-Hispanic white.

Taiwanese began the surge of immigration, followed by other groups of Chinese. However, ethnic Chinese are constituting an increasingly dominant proportion of the Asian population as well as of the overall population in Flushing and its Chinatown.

43 Signs You Grew Up In Queens. All the cool kids may be in Brooklyn these days, but the borough next door is far too modest for all that fanfare.

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Flushing, Queens, New York

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